The Silent Knights Soaring Society (SKSS) is an AMA sanctioned club (#950) operating at the “Big Pond” in the White Clay Creek State Park, just north of Newark, Delaware.

SKSS is an environmentally friendly club and only flies “green” aircraft – restricting operation at the Big Pond to pure gliders and models with electric engines.

Although most members own the models they fly, training aircraft and instruction are available for the new RC pilot, along with as much advice as the novice can absorb.

SKSS currently has about 50 members who range in skill from absolute beginner to accomplished contest pilot. The club sponsors a number of “fun fly” and contest events at the field during the Spring to Fall season – and groups of members also attend fun and contest events at other locations – or just schedule a safari to experience the beauty and adventure available at a new flying location.

In addition to flying at the field, the club has a meeting approximately every other week during the winter to plan events for the next season – and to review new designs or model building techniques – these are “hands on” demonstration sessions conducted by club members.

We also schedule indoor flying events during the winter – when we can coordinate with schools that are not using gyms or other large indoor spaces.

If you are interested in learning to fly RC gliders or electric airplanes you can come out to the field – or contact our Membership Chair – or attend a winter meeting.

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Reaching Out

Reaching Out

Eric shared this about our recent visitors to the field: In February we had about eight kids from The Concept School from Westtown, PA fly model rockets. Ed Filkins and I helped out and a teacher from the school, Shannon Tilmon, was the organizer. On July 9th a group of eight day campers from the […]

GAAT, August 20-23, 2015

GAAT, August 20-23, 2015

Lots of smack talk already…. Charlie just got delivery of a big mystery (Hempel?) box.