Jul 142005

Charge your batteries and get ready for the big Summer Electric Fun Fly at SJSF in Marlton NJ. I’m setting up the pylons at about 10:30 on Sunday AM July 17. I’ll bring my ZLog recording altimeter for you to borrow and see how high you can fly. We’re not planning anything too extravagant or complicated, we’ll just do whatever feels good. Maybe 45 sec. LMR or something, so let the fun begin. We’ll fly whatever we bring so don’t be bashful. Anyone is welcome to establish a challenge match. No CDs just set your own rules. I’ll have the portable BBQ ready for lunch and bring a dozen hot dogs and burgers. The canopy will be set up, in case of rain we’ll just hang out. We’ll have some sodas and the food will be sold at cost.
Pass the word around, bring a friend, no cover charge just bring your
AMA card.
Have fun, see you at the field. Directions at our web site.