Oct 302005

A new (for the remote control aircraft hobby) radio technology based on 2.4GHz Digital Spread Spectrum (DSS) has been released in October. The Academy of Model Aeronautics has published a supportive statement and primer. This technology does not interfere with the standard 72 MHz systems and offers the advantage of obviating the need for frequency control. A commercial system with six channels geared towards parkflyers and micro helicopters is available from Horizon Hobby. There is no need to switch crystals as the system selects and locks onto clear channels from the 80 (eighty) that are available. The manufacturer, Spectrum RC, has comprehensive information on their website. The transmitter looks very promising with memory for 10 models, mixers, 3 programmable mixers, flight phase switch, CCPM helicopter capability and a 3.75″ antenna. The price is competitively advertised as $199 for transmitter, receiver and 4 servos. No word on range, though.


Oct 092005

Ed Anderson started a thread on RC Groups to get more pilots interested in competition – “The Eastern Soaring League – A way to improve your flying”. It’s a very nice write-up describing the contest format, pilot and plane grouping and requirements to participate.
The next ESL thermal duration contest at the SKSS field is – mark your calendars – June 10-11, 2006.