Jun 252006

Although there was no flight activity during today’s Fun Fly due to weather, attendants enjoyed a great cook-out at Charlie’s. We will set another date (and rain date) and announce it through this site, Yahoo Groups and RCGroups. Hope to see you then!

Jun 122006

The following was posted by Gordy Stahl on RCSE and is posted with his permission.

Got a 2:38 flight with the World’s Heaviest Carbon Supra today!

Woke up, got out of bed, wash my hair and dried my head…

ALLERGIES…were killer today in Delaware….25mph averages, my eyes felt like they had been torched with a propane torch! Wind blowing, eyes burning and watering….my flights reflected it too….ugly.

There was lift and Mike Lachowski was in it most of the day. He was totally intuitive today and I watched every flight he made. Every once in a while you see a flight that is pure music, that was Mike today.

Landings were totally unpredictable today, even Mike ended up short on two.

My eyes helped me put my WHCSupra’s nose just over the landing line twice.
Once I got some pills and eye drops going, things changed!

Joe Melchoir, Delaware’s top TD pilot, made the giant save of the day flying his old Mantis (Vtail no less :-) . There are a LOT of Mantis out this way still flying well too.

He was stuffed, I was timing. I advised him to forget, come in and make the landing at least.

It was smeg the whole way back to the zone, but as he approached from the down wind side, about 30′ high, I saw the plane react to sweet smooth lift and told him to take a wrap…he did and instead of a 3min flight he took it out for a max!

One plane got into the trees, the flier likely had watering eyes too, but he managed to get it down easily with no damage.

VERY few line breaks but to their credit, John K, CD allowed one pop off per day…which allowed everyone a fair chance.

The wind was blowing, but I didn’t hear one complaint about it. The attitude out here is SOOO positive, and so thankful that they have such and incredible facility (thanks Dick Dupont!), that their it makes it pretty easy to keep a great perspective.

It was an 30min window to launch and the entire downwind side is a road and subdivison, that is off limits,….which should have made us crazy, but we just worked out patterns out in front.

I my last flight of the day was a 2:38 in a 7 min round :-( And I had ballast in, hit the 93 and chalked the day up to some dumb thumbs and bad decisions, thinking back on my flights and mistakes.

In the end it was Mike L, first place by a bunch, John Jenks in second, flying a supra-esque home built, he was in the zone with it too, I managed third, my host Bill, took fourth flying a Pretty Mantis.

Joe Melchoir brought up the rear with 5th place, and he hadn’t flown for nearly a year (he’s been building a home and got married too!)

Yes I ballasted up the WHCSupra, it needed it.

This makes it the third time I have flown the plane, and have to tell you, it really is that good of a plane. I don’ t know the plane yet, so find my self battling it when I should be listening to it. And yes it is the prettiest plane on the field today :-)

Tomorrow’s another day….so for now, sipping Champaign and eating nachos…


A bridesmaid again…..Newark’s Challenge :-)

Conditions were similar, but today I had my allergy meds and could see, the thing I apparently couldn’t do was engage brain!

I decided to fly my favorite, the Pike Giant…I do love this plane ;-)

Winds were really strong already, easily up to yesterday’s best blow.

It didn’t worry me because I have had plenty of experience with the Giant in winds. No ballast was the call, and there were birds working low level tree top stuff, and the air was active.

First flight had me worried but I hooked up kind of low and skied out. I thought I was relaxed but when I lined up on the tape during the approach I misjudged the wind, and over flapped for a direct in line shot at the tape…one foot short. :-( ARGH!

Two more flight, same result but I was closing in….the last one was only an inch short!

I walked around the group asking anyone to knock my mind back in synch but in the end I had to do it myself.

I didn’t ballast all day and had no trouble getting air, and keeping the rest of my landings above 95.

Delaware’s top TD pilot had a hot hand a brilliant caller…me :-) he was a landing machine, and flew some amazing flights….just got crushed on one ice cold flight, which knocked him to fourth, Joe (newlywed/Mooneyman) Melchoir.

Mike Lachowski didn’t have as good of a day, often having to use his uncanny skills to work air smoothly to get times and missed a few landings. That left the door open for me, but his last flight was a max with a 100 landing, and my three zero landings, put him 200points up on me.

Everyone there had some great flights, and the Sportsman group are really a talented bunch of thumbs.

Lots of Mantis’ flying out this way, and I was reminded of just how talented that plane really is.

If you have not flown at this field, its is crazy good…and the hospitality second to none.

Back to work,….if you can call it that :-)