May 252007

A new SKSS altitude record was set by Jim Faassen on Tuesday, May 22, 2007, when he flew his Zenith sailplane to a new record height of 3293 feet, as recorded by his onboard Z-Log altimeter.

Jim is no stranger to high altitude flying. He routinely achieves ’speck-out’ flights with the Zenith, and his other high flyers, the Zentis (a hybrid Zenith-Mantis plane), and the Esprit. Just a few days prior to the record setting flight, he had a flight in excess of 2200 feet.

The flight and altimeter reading were witnessed by fellow flyers John Chang, John Lane, and Bill Jordan.

Congratulations, Jim !!!!

May 152007

Contest season is upon us! We are happy to host the SKSS Thermal Duration contest as part of the ESL contest schedule. This is an AMA sanctioned event.
The contest tasks will be announced by the Contest Director (based on previous years – duration, open winch with 30 minute working time; landing task: runway). We will likely fly seven rounds per day and no flight after 3pm on Sunday. Lunch will be provided (for a small nominal fee). Registration information can be found on the ESL website. Follow this link for directions. We will have a Novice class ($5 registration per day).
The ESL clinic coordinator, John Hauff, will organize a launch clinic during the contest.
We had a lot of fun in previous years and look forward to seeing you!
Should that not be enough incentive, consider what’s happening in our neighborhood at New Garden.