Third SKSS Electric Scale Aerotow, August 21-23, 2009

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Aug 072009

As in the past year, the event will be held on the third weekend in August (August 21-23, 2009). This follows up our hugely successful events in the last two years. We’ll have electric tugs that have demonstrated their ability to tow 15+lb sailplanes. If you don’t have a scale sailplane, bring any sailplane with a tow release. E-powered sailplanes will be allowed anytime all three days but must yield to towed and un-powered sailplanes. We have a large, mowed field, for gentle take-offs and landings.

Watch this space for details as they become available. In the meantime, RCGroups has a thread for your entertainment. Our friends at the ISSA helped with promoting the event by adding it to their calendar – thank you!

The AMR Twins are making waves on RCGroups. Below are two videos of the check-out flights.

We recommend pre-registration by adding a comment to this message to avoid frequency conflicts and to track how many are attending.

Where: Newark, Delaware – SKSS Big Pond Field
When: August 21-23, 2009
Check-in: 9am
Landing fee: $20/day, $30 for three days

After you’ve registered, please send your tow fee to:

Robert McCoy
1103 Barley Mill Rd
Wilmington, DE 19807

Be sure to put “SKSS Aero Tow” on the check.

Directions can be found here.

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Please provide

Day(s) attending
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There are several hotels in the Newark area if you’re staying over the weekend. Hotel #1 is the closest to the field. All are within a few minutes drive.

If you want to bring the family, there are several local attractions:

What to do in Delaware
Longwood Gardens
Tax Free Shopping

We fly within the State Park system so there is an entrance fee: $3/day for Delaware registered vehicles and $6/day for non-Delaware registered vehicles.

Some of the gliders expected to be in attendance:

Delaware Nature Society, 7 August 2009

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Aug 072009

Tony provided this report. Thank you!

The kids had a great time today, they watched me, Charlie, Bill, and Chris fly our planes with Chris being their favorite as he did his 3D aerobatics.
Bill and Charlie setup his T-28 on a buddy box so that at least a few of the kids could get a try at flying. Of all the kids who did try the girl (can’t remember her name) did the best by flying several patterns around the field in perfect control.

A catastrophe was averted by myself and Charlie when the rocket laucher was not working properly. I ended up using a 3s Lipo to fire the igniters and all the kids got to fire their rockets. Bill J. and his son attended also and his son was able to give a very good description of how rockets work and had most of the kids amazed at his knowledge. Hopefully next year we can have an even larger participation from the club. OOPS! almost forgot Walt, he showed up around lunch time to fly his hand toss “Alula”.