Sep 202011

There is a great thread on RCGroups about the contest. Eric wrote this:

What can I say but thanks. Thanks to the competitors who came from afar and the volunteers who pitched in and and lightened the load. I’d especially like to thank a few of the many SKSS club members who helped (and this is just a partial list), Walt, Jim C, Bill J, Newt and Robert M.

Also a shout out goes to Robert Ashinsky (the other Ashinsky) who said in advance that he would help, but not that he would help so much! He pitched in to such an extent that I was able to fly in the same contest I CD’d, something that is not usually possible.

Also Frank Nisita. He gave me some great advice for a newbie CD and put up with a huge amount of taunting during the Pizza Slap Down smack talk. I also have to point out that his wife was everywhere pitching in. She did it quietly and without fanfare but her help was noticed and appreciated. Hey Frank, thank her for me!

Reto has pointed out the Expert winners, but the winners in Sportsman are:

Saturday;Austin Sloan, David Bradley and Walt Leipold
Sunday; Austin Sloan, Jeffery McCarter and Walt Leipold

Also on Saturday we had a new guy who’s only been flying HLG for a few weeks Chris Ungermann, who took first in Novice. Never mind that he was the only Novice, it took guts to come out and mix it up with the big boys.

The overall Champion and winner of the coveted Acrylic Beauty: Phil Barnes

The weather was not as forecast (is it ever). On Saturday it was overcast with light lift and sporadic light rain. Sunday started out overcast and COLD but eventually the sun broke through and it got windy. Plenty of lift on Sunday but the wind made it choppy. Much sermaling was done at the local tree line. A few off field landings but I didn’t see anyone climbing a tree so I think the carnage was kept to a minimum.

My best flight of the weekend came on Sunday during the AULD. Just before the third launch everyone in the Group started moving toward the north end of the field. I looked up, checked the wind direction, sniffed the air temperature but still didn’t have the slightest clue as to what was going on. After the launch the whole group headed north with me in pursuit, still not knowing why. I soon found out. I ran into a small thermal, that became a big thermal that ended up as a monster thermal. My glider was swept up and I easily made my three minutes. After that flight I had a huge smile on my face.

So, thank you all. I’ll let the others elaborate on their experiences and will end by posting some pics (and encourage others to post pics as well).

Until later, tailwinds and green air to you all!