Jan 242012

Today was warm, 50 degrees, calm and sunny at two PM. I had a fine time flying my Radian and Blaster. But I made some tracks in the turf inadvertently. Did my best to repair them. The field is so soft in places after the thaw that even with a light car you make tracks. I will be parking in the lot from now on. [Name withheld]

Fellow pilots – please take this to heart and park in the lot until the ground can tolerate car traffic.

On a different note, check out Charlie’s build thread on the SKSS Forum. A teaser picture below. NICE!!!

Jan 222012

After the discussions at the last club meeting and based on many club members’ requests, we now have a discussion forum. It can be viewed by anyone who points their browser to it. However, author access requires registration. Charlie has agreed to be the moderator. Become an active participant to bring and keep it to life.