Jul 302017

July 27th, 2017. Today the Concept School of Westtown Township, PA, in partnership with the Delaware Nature Society, ran their yearly summer camp. Among other activities the day camp helps the kids build a model rocket and for the third year running the Silent Knights helped out by hosting the rocket launch event. This year 11 kids attended. The SKSS provides a couple of members to make sure everything goes smoothly and that basic safety rules are followed. Shannon Tilmon runs the camp and does an excellent job keeping the kids on task, which is a lot like herding cats.

Eric Teder

Jul 052017

After a very long wait for construction at the White Clay Creek State Park we were finally able to get back to our flying field and enjoy our hobby again!
​We had a good turnout today with nine or ten of the regulars on a beautiful Fourth of July. Weather was excellent with a bit of a wind in the morning but quickly dying down as the morning progressed. Thermals at first were few and far between but eventually they started “popping” and some excellent flights were made by everyone.
​If you are planning a return to the field please be cautious of the entrance, you will need to move aside a barricade and replace it once you have passed. Please make sure your AMA membership is current and you have your park pass on your vehicle, we have been given special permission to use the field again during the final stages of construction and we don’t want to create any problems.

Tony Nunez