Jul 142019

Pun intended. As they have done for the last 25 years the Delaware Aero Space Education Foundation brought about 70 kids to the Silent Knight’s field for their annual rocket fly off. Once again their mentor, Drew Yeager, showed his skill at herding teenagers. The kids were in a week long summer camp to learn about all things aerospace, the culmination of which is to build and fly a model rocket. Their enthusiasm was at a fever pitch as they placed their rockets on the pad, hit the ignition button and watched them soar. Almost as much fun was chasing the rockets as part of the “recovery team”. It was hot and humid but these kids had energy to burn. I had as much fun as anyone watching these boys and girls get so excited about something we all love so much. And it was a source of pride that the SKSS contributed something to make it happen.

Thanks to Eric for the pictures and article.