Jun 112007

After the gale force winds we had at last years contest, the 20 mph zephyrs that were present for this year’s Saturday rendition were almost peaceful! Despite frequent line breaks and consequent dropping of the retriever lines, the wind-hardened launch crew dug in and got the job done with minimal interruption. Six rounds wee completed by 3:00 and scores were very competitive: 73 points separated the top three Experts. Pete Schlitzkus pulled first place and John Hauff and Luis Bustamante took second and third with but two points separating them.
A ribs and chicken, dogs and burgers buffet was held at noon. Food supplied by a professional caterer member of the club, beautifully prepared and presented, and greatly appreciated by all present.

John Hauff put on a winch launching seminar that was well attended and closely followed. Some of his suggestions were obvious in the techniques observed on Sunday.

Sunday dawned cloudy and calm, staying that way all through the day. Lift was where you found it but generally good enough that if you messed up a landing you moved out of contention.
Leszek Zyga took first honors, followed by Steve Lucke, Kerry Cochrell and Pete Schlitzkus. Pete made enough to garner high points for the weekend.

Five Novice flyers took part and all seemed to enjoy their first attempts at competition.

After seven rounds, we called it an early day at 2:00. Having put in only one round after the lunch which was a repeat of Saturday’s feast.