Jul 312018

Eric Teder shared these news:

On July 27th the club hosted another summer day camp. This one was given jointly by the Delaware Nature Society and the Concept School of Westtown, PA. The DNS coordinator for this event was Shannon Tilmon, who is a teacher at the Concept School, and she did her usual excellent job.

There were ten kids in the camp ages 9 to 12. They build their rockets from kits and then come to the flying field to launch them. The SKSS involvement is to provide backup and safety personnel while the kids use the field to launch their rockets. While they were waiting to launch some of the kids had fun flying an RC simulator and learning about aircraft control.

Everything was well organized, as usual, and Shannon had everything needed for a successful outing. It’s great fun to help these youngsters because they are SO excited to be at the field and watching their rockets soar skyward.

Here are a few pictures of the day.