May 092015

What Eric wrote:


Weights in grams:

Fuse 33.9
Wing 116.1
Rudder 6.5
Stab 5.8
Servos 24.4 Four MKS DS65Ks at 6.1g each
Battery 15.8 Shread RC 450mAh lipo
RX 4.7 Graupner GR-12L out of the case
BTOA 7.5 I forget the brand (sorry)
Stuff 7.8 stuff
Pushrods 1.6 carbon pushrods
Total 224.1

AUW is 251g with the CG at 74mm and 4.5g nose weight.

I used a doubler between the carbon and kevlar sections of the fuse as was suggested, and also used the servo tray.

The battery and BTOA went in the nose and the naked RX behind the servos.

My friend wanted to plug in the wing by hand so I didn’t worry about an auto plug-in. Just as well since I didn’t see how that would work on an angle like it is.

He also wanted all the control throw available so I used servo control horns on the wing that extended out. Thus the servo covers, bigger than needed but it’s all I had at the time.

Steigeisen Power Peg mounted through the wing.


Flitzebogen 20150508_222647 20150508_220409 20150508_215941 20150508_140810 20150508_133914 20150506_180051 20150505_163037 20150426_201551



Based on the feedback received, he will adjust the cg to 69 mm.