Aug 102011

First, Newt & I want to thank everyone who attended. The order of business was
FUN and fun we had. Including Newt & myself we had a total of (12) sailplane
pilots attend. This was better than we expected. Our plan was to fly two
sessions, an AM LADDER, break for lunch and fly a 3 minute, 5 minute and 7
minute thermal duration PM session. We had two hi-starts and the club winch set

AM EVENT. Here are the results. We started with a 2 minute duration , then 3
minutes all the way to 8 minutes with one minute intervals. It included a
landing circle (we had two set-up).

8 MINUTES – Tony G. 7 MINUTES – Pete & Gerald. 6 MINUTES – John. 5 MINUTES –
Charlie, Newt & Chris. 4 MINUTES – Bill. 3 MINUTES – Walt & Mike. Steve brough
out a sailplane he had in storage for twenty plus years. He got the ship trimmed
out after the first flight and enjoyed some more flights. I was busy doing some
club PR work with a couple who stopped to watch. Turns out the fellow flew some
time ago, we got talking about the older vintage sailplanes. I hope he stops
back and joins our club. I did manage to get two flights in. The first one was
short of the first two minute task. My second flight I found outstanding lift
and decided to just fly. Best flight I have had all season.

It was hot, very hot! We broke for lunch. Some had afternoon commitments, some
airplane problemsm and the heat was getting to some, me included. I got in two
more flights and packed it in.

We never did the PM thermal duration. Everyone enjoyed the LADDER event.

Because of the success, Newt & I are planning a late fall FUN SOAR. We are
looking at late September or early October.

Over the past several weeks we have had a strong steady sailplane croud on the
weekends. Some are coming out on Saturday morning and some on Sunday. Please
join us. The group is growing and we want to continue the trend and build it up.
Our first of two new hi-starts works great, we will have the second up and
running soon.

We will be doing informal get togethers along with our usual weekend flying
before the next FUN SOAR and pick what we want to do, LADDER, THERMAL DURATION,
etc. If you missed this one, please stop out and join us.

A special thank you to Andrew for helping us set up. We really appreciated your
help. Hope to see you soon with a sailplane.

Good lift,

Newt & Jim