Aug 242015

Tony Nunez shared his impressions.  Great write-up, Tony!  Thank you!

2015 Great American Aerotow August 20th~23rd

 ​Opening day started with overcast skies and the threat of rain but that did not stop the brave few pilots who came to fly, and fly they did… at least until the rain came in and Aero towing turned to Aero-talking! With better weather forecast for the next few days we were sure to have a great time!

 Friday was as good as it gets! Great clear skies, occasional thermals blowing through but it did not stop anyone from flying. I lost track of the number of tows actually done, lets just say it was just about non stop towing. Our favorite tow pilot Jim D. from High Point Aviation in Cumberland Md spent much of the day towing with relief from Len B. from Connecticut and our own Sean B. towing with Charlie’s new Cub and occasionally on Len’s new Bidule (an awesome powerhouse tow plane). I actually spent a little time towing the foamies as well as Terry’s new Schweitzer with my Carbon Cub.

 ​Saturday was as good as Friday but a bit windier which grounded my lightweight foam tow plane but everyone else was having a blast pretty much ignoring the winds. The highlight of the day was of course the evening dinner, this year catered by Bachetti Bros. with Charlie adding to the feast with his homemade crab cakes as well as a bushel of steamed crabs. After dinner the awards were handed out and raffle prizes were given out, a perfect end to a great day!

 ​The best was left for last! As in years past the brave few who actually stay over for Sunday are blessed with light winds, clear skies and awesome thermals!

​For those of you wondering, here’s a list of awards handed out;

Best in Show was awarded to Gunny from Aviation Concepts for his gorgeous Schweitzer 2-33.

Excellence in Towing 1 was awarded to Jim D. for his never ending desire to “tow you up”

Excellence in Towing 2 was awarded to Len B. for his rocket like tows with his new “Bidule” tri-gear tow plane.

Top Gun was awarded to Steve P. for his Falcon “Early aviation” glider

Longest flight was awarded to Bill G. with a time of 52.09, just edging out Scott by 20 seconds!

Scariest Landing went to Bob K. who had a little problem keeping the rubber side down on his tow plane

Best Foamie was awarded to Daniel S. for his almost non stop flying, every time we looked he was either in the air or lining up for another tow!

 ​Next year will be our Tenth Aero tow at the SKSS flying field, stay tuned for the dates and plan on attending it’s going to be BIG!