Jan 022007

By Bob Flanagan

Conditions: foggy, misting intermittently, soft landing strip/very

Traffic: none. we laid first tracks – first tire tracks on the field parking area, that is, due to massive horsepower and rear while drive sportscar (should have brought the wife’s mommyvan).

Pilots: Doctor Bob Flanagan and his father, Bob Flanagan (who conveniently forgot his transmitter – certainly to avoid crashing as usual). Therefore, amended to Pilot: Dr. Bob


E-Flite Mini Pulse XT, park 480 motor, 2150 mAh battery, recently upgraded landing gear wheels to Dubro 2.5″ TL (less weight)

Multiplex Space Scooter, flying brushed with a folding prop, no landing gear, and a 2150 mAh battery.

Pulse flew smoothly as always. NO more needs to be said about this stable steed.

After landing the Pulse, we patched in to fellow Pilot Charlie Reeve who was grounded due to weather and suspect FAA and AMA regulations preventing flying with an Ethano level that is still detectable. Communique with Pilot Reeve elicited good information on the Birdhouse Hangar. Many thanks go out to Pilot Reeve for all recent and past co-piloting during my past 3 months of flight school training.

Next ship up in the air was the Multiplex Space Scooter. MPX Scooter was remaidened today, after Father Flanagan crashed it on the first maiden. Dr. Bob surgically repaired it using epoxy xenografts and other expertise gained from months of repairing similar multiplex EPP foam planes, such as the Easystar, crashed by aforementioned Father Flanagan.

Scooter swam like a huge white whale thru the fog and performed low level low speed passes until the battery was spent. Successful flight by Dr. Flanagan, start to finish, further proving that it is the elder Flanagan pilot, not the plane, that continually crashes anything with a multiplex name on it.

The mist and fog overtook us and we packed it in.

One day down, 364 more to go.

Over and Out,

Dr. Bob aka the Dark Knight, wingman of Charlie’s Black Sheep Squadron.