May 082018

We had the open house over the weekend and it was a great success. The day was overcast and the lift was a bit soft but some soaring got done anyway. A few guys ran an impromptu ALES contest.

We had some members of nearby clubs and some people from the local community show up. We even got a new member, a 12-year-old boy that is totally in love with airplanes. It didn’t hurt that Justin McKinley had him on a buddy box.

I flew hand launch with a visitor from Detroit and gave my Tower Hobby Riser it’s maiden flight. Can’t wait for our first one-design contest with the Risers. Mine flew much better than I expected.

Thanks to Terry Lisansky for organizing the event. Ed Filkins did his usual excellent lunch. Ed always works hard and makes it look easy. Tony Nunez spent the day selling raffle tickets. Between Ed and Tony I think something over $300 was added to the club’s treasury! Other members spent the day helping out and I’m sorry if I haven’t mentioned you.

We’d like to thank G Force Hobbies and RTL Fasteners for their generosity in providing some of the raffle prizes and helping to raise money for the club.

Take care everyone,