Jun 112007

A great event

Once again, thanks for running a great event this past weekend. The
site, the flights, the people, the food were all top shelf. The contest was run smoothly and efficiently. And the contrast between conditions the first and second day made for a great way for us to test all of our skills ( how did you arrange that?).

Good job! [..] I am sure I speak for the rest of the guest flyers. I had a great time!

Ed Anderson
Eastern Soaring League
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Content Editor

Great job and thank you

Great job to all involved with the ESL , everyone had a helpful hand in
making this a great event, as event chairman I could have not asked for a better event.. CUDOS TO JOHN KIRCHSTEIN, JIM FAASSEN, ROBERT BICKERTON, AND THE MASTER CHEF RICK SHELLY, […] and to all club members involved.

Great job to all



PS.: Thank you Dick for the use of the wagon, it was a great help!

ESL – A Novice’s View

I gave up “Competition flying” many years ago, I was involved with the
Scale Masters Championship when I was a glow flyer. I had promised
myself I would never get dragged into competitions again but this past
weekend was different.
Being a rank amateur when it comes to sailplanes I figured I would
just try it out and hope for last place. Saturday saw me “popping off”
due to a bending tow hook and with Bill’s suggestion for a replacement
I returned on Sunday. Again last place was all I wanted but after 5
rounds it looked like I might do fairly well.
Bob Jones and I were neck and neck for first place and I finally
squeeked past him on the last round.
I am not mentioning any of this to “toot my own horn” but to let other
novice flyers in our club know that anyone can enter the contest and
have fun doing it. My total winch launches before the contest could be
counted on one hand and still have fingers left. I learned a great
deal this past weekend and look forward to next years contest. You
don’t need a fancy plane or an expensive radio just the desire to have
My thanks to all who offered help, suggestions, and encouragement,