Jun 102009

A total of 33 pilots participated in this year’s event. Unlike in the previous year, the weather was nice, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s and the wind never really making it above 5mph. A great BBQ lunch was prepared on both days by several volunteers as well as delicious home-made tomato salad, potato salad, cookies and other goodies. We held our first man on man contest and had a great time – learned a lot, too! We could not have done this without the help of many club members and seasoned ESL pros. I am sure the following list is not complete: Bill Jordan, Bill B, Bill Groft, Charlie Reeve, Rick, Tony Nunez, Terry Lisanski, Newt, John Kirchstein, Steve Lucke, Luis Bustamente, Dave Beach, Tony Guide, Pete Schlitzkus, Frank Strommer, James Griffith, Dick Dupont, Bev Groft, Ellen Derrico, Eric Teder, Walt Leipold, Gene Gresham, Tom Laky. Thank you to all who helped out! On Saturday, we started out with a seven minute round followed by six more eight minute rounds. Randomization was done by means of a couple of decks of cards. While that promised to generate fun, it proved to be a challenge with such a large group. Hence, Sunday’s flight groups were ‘computer generated’. That made things a lot easier for all involved. We finished six rounds on Sunday before 3pm. Other than having had to fight some scoring gremlins (thanks to all for being patient and understanding while things got sorted), the man-on-man format was very well received and we look forward to a repeat next year. The final scores are on the ESL website. John Kirchstein and Robert McCoy contributed the pictures below. John has a great panorama of the field on his website.