Apr 042010

We will again host the SKSS Thermal Duration contest as part of the ESL contest schedule. This is an AMA sanctioned event.
The contest tasks will be announced by the Contest Director (Man on Man; landing task: tbd). We will likely fly seven rounds per day and no flight after 3pm on Sunday.

Registration information can be found on the ESL website. Follow this link for directions. We will have a Novice class.

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We had a lot of fun in previous years and look forward to seeing you!

The BEST BARBEQUE in the ESL will be available at field both days at a nominal charge. The food will be worth the trip to the contest!

Send registrations to:
Robert McCoy
1103 Barley Mill Rd.
Wilmington, DE 19807

Novice fee $5 each day.
One day fee – $17, both days – $34.

Awards: Unlimited – Expert, Sportsman & Novice, plaques to 4th place. Trophy for best two – day performance.