May 192015

Eric’s report:

Spring Fling 2015 is history now. I want to thank all those who hauled their butts to Delaware to participate, and all who jumped in and helped.

Special mention goes to Walt and Sharon. Walt and I run this contest together and his help is indispensable. And his wife, Sharon (AKA: The World’s Best Scorekeeper), has yet again allowed herself to be coerced into giving up her weekend to hang out with a bunch of unshaven louts. She does a superlative job. Thanks Sharon!

Austin brought his Big Timer. I loved it. It is easy to see and use and even runs the audio files. We had to get Walt away from it to stop him from drooling too much. Austin is also my CD poster child. If I have a question on what to do I just ask myself, “What Would Austin Do?”.

And Oleg, my unknown assistant. Poor Oleg must know when the Delaware contest is coming because I start hammering him with the same questions I hammered him with the previous year. But he is always helpful and gracious. Thanks Oleg, you are a boon to the sport.

And there were local SKSS members who helped. Thanks guys, you know who you are!

I also want to thank our raffle donors. I wasn’t even thinking of a raffle until our Flitz donor called me up to suggest it. He also donated a BTOA. Tom Siler donated a set of tails and Todd DeMarco gave woodie glider kit. Such generosity, thanks guys.

Others have described the conditions. Hot and humid (in May??) with weak, but present, thermals. I sure wish I could have found a couple. Rain was forecast for both days but we only had about 30 minutes of sprinkles.

And I’ll end with the few pics I have. Hopefully guys will post photos that they took.

We will be back next May, always the weekend after Mother’s Day. Treat the Little Lady right and get a weekend pass. 
Until then I’ll be looking for y’all at BASS and CASA.

Thanks to Eric for sharing some impressions!

                                   Thanks to Terry for these!