Jul 052011

Open to all current SKSS members and their guests with a 2011 AMA License. Enjoy a day of fun thermal soaring. Winch or Hi Start launching. No motors for this event.

Flying is open to all classes of thermal sailplanes. You don’t have to have a full house, state of the art, molded sailplane to participate. Dust off that old film covered bag of sticks and get it back in the air.

In the simple Planned Events we will divide into two groups for results keeping. One group will be RES (rudder, elevator and spoilers or just rudder and elevator) and the other group will have no restrictions on flight surface controls.

You can pick what event(s) you want to fly and choose as many as you have time for. Fly as many different types of sailplanes as you want. If you do not choose to fly in a Planned Event, the winch and hi-start will be open. There will be no FEE. The order of business is FUN!

Pilots Meeting at 9:30 AM and the first launch at 10 AM.


Climb the Ladder (See attached sheet for explanation). 10 AM to 12 NOON Cut-off, fixed time period).
Thermal Duration (Tasks for time and landing to be announced at Pilots Meeting). Three rounds starting at 12:45 PM.

To help with the planning, if you plan to attend, please post a reply on the SKSS Yahoo Groups with the type of Sailplane(s) you plan to bring.

Bring a lunch and come on out for some “back to basics” glider flying. Or, just come on out and watch!